Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Here we go again.

It's been awhile since I've taken the time to write a Hayward blog post; too many other interesting things have been consuming my time.

But now another election cycle has arrived, and with it, another local tax measure.

This time it's a proposal to extend Hayward's temporary Utility User's Tax for 20 more years (even though the current tax doesn't expire for another three).

Truth be told, I wasn't exactly interested in this particular tax until I recently viewed a discussion among the city council and staff that took place back in January. Near the end of their conversation, our city leaders discussed whether or not there was an official argument against the original measure back in 2009. There wasn't.

But the mayor went on to lament that "we might not be so fortunate this time."

Well, she was right. Because at that very instant I decided; if no one else would pick up the gauntlet, I would.

If there's anything I consider more pitiful than this town's apathetic electorate, it's politicians who wish that no consideration be given to alternative views.

So I subsequently submitted an argument against the measure for publication in the voter information pamphlet. Since no one else did, you'll see it in the guide that's sent out around the end of April.

In the coming days I'll post my argument here and further elaborate with additional future posts. With each of these I hope to open some eyes.

In each instance, I'll provide, or otherwise link you to, the evidence in support of my position.

Ultimately, you might not agree with my perspective. But if you follow this blog up until the time that you cast your vote, then at least you'll have the good sense to form a considered opinion by taking into account an alternative point-of-view.

Wouldn't it be nice if all our politicians did the same?